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We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the advice we give you and the way you are treated.

Our responsibilities to you

We will:

  1. Find out from the start what you are hoping to achieve, and make sure that your expectations are realistic;
  2. Be considerate in our dealings with you and put your interests first;
  3. Explain things in a way that is clear to you and agree with you the type of service you can expect to receive;
  4. Tell you who will be handling your case at each stage;
  5. Explain to you clearly and in writing what costs involved in your case.
  6. Keep what you tell us confidential, other than in those exceptional circumstances when required to do so by law and only with proper authority, and refuse to act for anyone else if doing so would compromise that confidentiality.

Our shared responsibilities
We can work together best when:

  1. We treat each other with respect and politeness;
  2. We each provide accurate and complete information including timely updates like changes of address and circumstance;
  3. We are both on time for appointments unless unavoidably delayed.

Our standards of service

  1. After your first meeting with us we will write to you within one week of the meeting.

  2. If you write to us: We will reply to or acknowledge your letter within five working days of receiving it. You will receive a full reply within fifteen working days or a letter explaining why there may be a delay and when you can expect a full reply.

  3. If you telephone us: We will answer your questions as fully and helpfully as possible but in your own interests we may be unable to provide you with full advice without first seeing relevant documents. If you leave a message we will do our very best to call you back within 24 hours.

  4. If you visit us by appointment: Reception staff will immediately call the caseworker concerned and you will not be kept waiting for more than fifteen minutes, subject to delays caused by other interviews or court attendance.
  5. If you seek help with an application to the immigration authorities: You will be advised on your case by a qualified and accredited caseworker on what documents to submit and the likelihood of success and provide whatever assistance we can with the application.

  6. If we represent you before an immigration judge: If we agree to represent you, we will make an appointment with you as soon as possible. A highly experienced and accredited consultant will advise you on the evidence that would assist your case and the prospects of success. We will comply with all directions from the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. Usually, you will be represented at the hearing by the same consultant who has prepared your case for you.

  7. If we can help you with a reconsideration application: We make applications wherever we think there is a reasonable prospect of success. If we make an application on your behalf you will be sent a copy of the application and advised of the prospects of success. If we cannot make an application on your behalf we will advise you why not and do our utmost to let you know before the deadline expires for making an application.

Note that all these commitments to you are what you can expect from Samad & Co unless there are exceptional circumstances.


We are committed to providing you with a first class service but sometimes things do go wrong. In the first instance we would suggest that you try to resolve your complaint with your caseworker. If this is not possible, please write to Mr Abdul Samad directly. You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint by return of post and a full explanation within 2 weeks of the date we receive it.

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