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How Our Fee’s Are Calculated & Our Refund Policy

Visa Fees
Fee Scale Samad & Co

All our packages are charged at a fixed rate. Our fees have been calculated based on the cost per hour of £90 per hour and average time we take to complete each type of case. The price we quote you initially is the full amount you will be asked to pay for all the work involved in each case package.

Once we have confirmed the fixed price for your package, you will not be asked to pay any additional fees, no matter how long it takes us to complete your case.

Our charges are based on the time we spend dealing with a case.  Time spent on your affairs will include meetings with you and perhaps others, any time spent traveling, considering your case, preparing and working on papers, correspondences, making and receiving telephone calls.

Other Costs

Expenses not covered by the fixed fee include the following:

Application Fees payable to the Home Office or British High Commission or Embassy abroad. Disbursement costs payable to external suppliers incurred in the course of preparing your case, e.g. fees for interpreters, medical or other reports in support of your case.

Our staff’s travel costs to AIT Appeal hearings where the hearing centre is outside the West Midlands region, and the courts have refused to transfer the hearing to a local court. Where our staff do have to travel outside our usual area, costs will be charged based on the cheapest possible route by public transport.

We will ask for your approval before confirming any additional costs to be added to the case. We will need all payments for disbursements before the work is started.

Your Payments

We cannot undertake any work on your case until we have received payment. Fees for Advice and Applications are due in full in advance at the first meeting. Fees for appeals are payable in two installments of 50% of the fees.

We accept payment in the form of cash, postal order or cheque. All cheques must be made out to ‘Samad & Co Immigration Consultants’ and crossed ‘Account Payee’. We are unable to accept blank or post-dated cheques. Where payment is made by cheque it is our policy to wait seven days for payment to clear before starting work on a case.
All payments will be received and logged by Mr Abdul Samad who is the proprietor. Administrative staff can not receive payments directly from clients.

All fees we receive are initially paid into a Client Account. We will only transfer funds from the Client Account to our Business Account once the matter has concluded, for example in an entry clearance application once a decision is made by the Embassy and we have informed you of the outcome.  Please note that the money remains yours until we have advised you that the matter has concluded.

Refund Policy

Our policy ensures equitable refunds to clients who withdraw from all or a portion of our service. Because of the type of service we provide, we may be able to give refunds in a variety of situations.

You will not be eligible for a refund where you have bought the General Advice package, and have been given a full hour of advice.

You will not be eligible for a refund on the AIT Appeal package once we have submitted bundles to the court and also on the Application package where we have submitted the application to the Home Office or the Embassy.

Where we withdraw from representing you due to the early completion of your case (e.g. the Home Office or British High Commission changes their original decision based on the appeal papers submitted), the fee payable will be recalculated based on actual time we spent working on your case. 

Where a refund is appropriate, we will send you a letter explaining calculation of the refund due.

You may terminate your instructions to us in writing at anytime.  In some circumstances, you may consider that we ought to stop acting for you, for example, if you cannot give clear or proper instructions on how we are to proceed, or if it is clear that you have lost confidence in how we are carrying out your work.  We may decide to stop acting for you only with good reasons, for example if you  do not pay disbursement costs or comply with our request for a payment on account for our outstanding fee’s.  We must give you reasonable notice that we will stop acting for you.  If you or we decide that we will no longer act for you, you will pay our charges on an hourly basis and this will not exceed the package price that is confirmed in our fee scale, copies can be obtained.



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