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Those who wish to come to the UK for a short period for a particular reason are generally classified under the immigration rules as visitors. There are different types of visitors such as follows:

Family visitors to see close family members in the UK.
Tourist visitors to see friends, or for a holiday in the UK.
Business visitors, people who wish to come to the UK for a brief period, to conduct business only.
Medical visitors, those coming to the UK for the purpose of private medical treatment.
Marriage visitors, the purpose of this category is to allow people to visit in order to get married in the UK.

How do I qualify to travel to the UK as a visitor?

You must be able to show that:

You want to visit the UK for no more than six months .
You intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit, and.
you have enough money to support yourself and live in the UK without working or needing any help from public funds.
You are able to pay for the airfare from and to your country.


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